When children read with their parents, they practice imagination! Psychologists have shown imaginative social play improves symbolic thinking, language development, and reasoning skills. Excessive screen time, in contrast, has a negative impact on a child's brain development, decreasing concentration, reducing socialization and compromising the child's innate ability to build a large vocabulary.

Parent-child reading also has the benefit of reducing hyperactivity, aggression and attention issues that many children experience. Reading Lessons For brings home many advantages for your family—in addition to encouraging sports, home-team loyalty, and making family time extra special!!





Thomas Hussung was born in 1990 in Germany and was raised in a small village near Stuttgart. He studied at Hamburger Technische Kunstschule (Hamburg Technical Art School) and currently lives in Hamburg creating illustrations for children's novels and boardgames.



Pricilla’s favorite color is Orange, favorite song, “Orange Empire,” and her favorite Tigers in History are Deshaun Watson, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and Dabo Swinney. Her favorite Clemson moment is any time the Tigers beat South Carolina. She has a Tiger cub named Charlie, a Hampster named Hartwell, and enjoys eating BBQ chicken, smoked pork, slaw, and banana puddin’.



Robyn’s favorite colors are Maize and Blue, favorite song, “The Victors,” and her favorite Wolverines in History are Tom Brady, Desmond Howard, and Gerald Ford. Her favorite Michigan moment is any time Michigan beats Ohio State. She has a Wolverine named Brady, and enjoys eating Angelo’s Raisin Toast.



Professor Wolf's favorite color is NC State Red, favorite song, “Red & White,” and he'll eat anything he can from Chargrill. His favorite Wolfpack members from History are Jimmy V, Kya Yow, David Thompson, Phillip Rivers, and Russel Wilson. His favorite NC State moment is anytime NC State beats UNC and he has a pet wolf named Tuffy.



Caroline's favorite song is Carolina In My Mind, favorite color Carolina Blue, favorite food, a BLT from Merritt's, and her favorite Tarheels in History are Mia Hamm, Joel Berry II, and Roy Williams.



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Gardner is a father, grandfather, friend, mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, sports fan and “good ‘ole country lawyer.” A modest man of few words, Gardner has a knack for solving problems, giving back and building successful teams. Gardner’s legacy will be one of educating and helping others. He has a BS in business administration and JD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an LLM from Georgetown University Law Center.



Aaron is a father, husband, brother, entrepreneur, attorney, sports fan and athlete. Aaron hopes to teach others important life lessons through sports. Life moves pretty fast, put down the phone and take a look around, you’ll be glad that you did. Aaron has a BA in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a JD from the Washington College of Law at American University.




Bernard Bell

Bernard is a son, brother, husband, mentor, leader, entrepreneur and sports fan. A successful media executive and serial entrepreneur, Bernard is also the executive director of the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences, where he leads a talented group of academics and entrepreneurs. He has a BA in economics and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended the Tuck School at Dartmouth for executive MBA coursework.


Lissa Lamkin Broome

Lissa is a mother, wife, friend, business law professor, banking law scholar, corporate board diversity advocate and intercollegiate athletics governance participant. Lissa is privileged to work with college and law students and through that work, as well as work on corporate board diversity, she helps people achieve their dreams. Lissa has a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois and a JD from Harvard Law School.


Tim Edelen

Tim is a father, brother, teacher, workout enthusiast and athlete. A man of hard work and determination, Tim enters all situations looking to make a difference and help others. Tim has a BA and MPA from North Carolina Central University where he ran varsity track, and he’s currently a Doctoral Candidate at Gardner-Webb University.


Daniel Eisenberg, PhD

Daniel is a father, husband, brother, friend, sports fan and athlete. He’s a Professor of Health Policy and Management in the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles. Previously he was a faculty member at University of Michigan from 2004-2020. His training is in economics (BA and PhD, Stanford University) and mental health services research (NIMH postdoctoral traineeship, UC Berkeley). His broad research goal is to improve understanding of how to invest effectively in the mental health of young people. He directs the Healthy Minds Network (HMN) for Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health (www.healthymindsnetwork.org). This research network administers the Healthy Minds Study, a national survey study of student mental health and related factors, and facilitates the development, testing, and dissemination of innovative programs and interventions for student mental health. He is currently writing a book about investments in children’s mental health, in collaboration with Ramesh Raghavan. Much of his work examines inequities in access to services and potential interventions to reduce those inequities.


Robert C. Gard, MD

Rob is a husband, father, brother, uncle, pediatrician and sports fan. As a pediatrician, Rob has personal interactions with children on a daily basis and stresses the importance of reading, learning and staying active. Rob has a BA in History and MD from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Nadia G. Gard, MD

Nadia is a wife, mother, sister, aunt, pediatrician, lead parent and sports fan. Nadia has always valued the importance of reading and has been able to instill the same value in her children. Nadia has a BS in Biology and Psychology from Duke University and an MD from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Kelley Altman Greer

Kelley is a mother, sister, aunt, friend, psychologist, counselor and advocate. A North Carolina native, she grew up in a family that valued education and serving others. Throughout her career—in both public and independent schools and serving in roles spanning counseling, admissions, advising and teaching—her focus has been the same: create a culture allowing students to succeed. Kelley has a BA in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as Master’s and Education Specialist degrees in the field of School Psychology from Auburn University and Georgia State University, respectively.


Kavita Hall

Kavita is a wife, mother, sister and friend. She is the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kavita was an Associate Development Officer at the New York Academy of Medicine, and while at NYU, she helped develop a leadership network of health executives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kavita earned a MPA from the New York University Wagner School of Public Service and a BA in Communications from North Carolina State University.


Sarah Hartman

Sarah is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, teacher and friend. Sarah has taught fourth grade for over 25 years and loves teaching her students about the state of North Carolina. Each year Sarah’s students express their love for their favorite colleges and universities, and their enthusiasm always generates some good natured debates! Sarah has a BA in Interior Design and Business from Radford University and a MA in Teaching from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC.



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